Maple Heights Farm Favorite Recipes -- coming soon!

Getting the most out of your food from Maple Heights Farm: Any easy way that we get the maximum mileage out of your healthy meals is to ensure that it all gets used. One way we do this is to utilize all leftovers (and sometimes that is when cooks are at their most creative). One way we accomplish this for my family of 6 is to start with a pot roast (chuck roast is one of our favorites for flavor, but we enjoy shanks for their smaller portion size, or stew meat for its convenience). Prepare your favorite pot roast with all the veges and flavorings that you normally use, with one difference. While you are preparing this meal, roast some beef bones for about 30 to 45 minutes at 375 degrees (feel free to throw in some celery, onion or whatever vegetable bits you have). Add the bones to your pot roast and cook the pot roast slowly as you normally would. When the pot roast is done, SAVE THE BROTH! Enjoy your pot roast with horseradish or you can make a delicious gravy by melting a bit of butter, adding some flour and mixing. Then add some of your beef broth to finish the gravy. Enjoy your meal. After dinner, to the broth, add some leftover bits of vegetables if you have them. Refrigerate the broth until you are ready for soup. Use the broth for your favorite soup recipe. Our favorites are sausage-tortellini soup ( -- in which we often substitute dumplings for tortellini), or this simple beef barley soup ( If you have a large amount of leftover beef, make a hash, or use for sandwiches, or serve with gravy on toast or potato. If you only have a small amount of meat leftover, either make a fried rice, or add them to quesadillas -- both of which are also great for the lunch box.